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Useful Beetroot

A new form of beetroot consumption is beetroot powder, which is nothing more than the powdered form of the vegetable. You're probably wondering why it's good to take beetroot powder. The answer is simple: this way, even those who aren't too keen on the taste can enjoy the benefits of the root vegetable. The organic, raw beetroot powder can also be used on a lactose-, soy- and gluten-free diet.

What is Beetroot good for?

of beetroot powder:
Its versatility was discovered a hundred years ago. They were probably used as early as the Neolithic Age, at least according to the archaeologists' findings of charred vegetable remains. Because of its high boron and arginine amino acid content, its aphrodisiac properties have been valued. In ancient times, the Romans used them primarily for fever and constipation.

Unsurprisingly, because of its high levels of calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, beetroot was quickly included in the superfood category.

The beetroot powder contains exactly the same minerals, which are essential for the organism, as the vegetable itself, in a concentrated form.
Beetroot is widely used, but we've heard less about the powder.

In recent years, more and more studies have been carried out worldwide to find out what effect beetroot powder has on the human organism. According to a study published in 2012 regular consumption of beetroot powder can lower high blood pressure. Blood pressure lowering effect is probably due to the high nitrate content. The consumed nitrates are formed into nitrogen oxides, which have been shown to spread through the veins and thereby lower blood pressure. The blood-forming and vein-widening effect also improves the blood supply to the brain. High-nitrate beetroot powder is also an ideal choice for athletes, its regular consumption has a positive effect on physical performance, since the nitrates it contains improve the efficiency of the mitochondria, which supply our cells with the appropriate energy.

In addition to their pigment content, their fiber content is also excellent. Regular consumption of beetroot powder has a positive effect on physical performance and prevents the development of such diet-related chronic diseases as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome.


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