How about these beautifully colored raw matcha truffles?
This easy dessert is ready in 10 minutes, here is the recipe.

1 cup almonds or almond flour
1 cup cashews
5 pitted Medjool dates (can be replaced with 10 smaller dates, but should be soaked for a few hours beforehand)
1 heaped tablespoon of honey or agave syrup
2 teaspoons Organiqa Raw Organiqa Matcha Powder
2 tablespoons grated coconut

Preparation: Grind almonds and cashews in a food processor with a knife to a fine, powdery consistency, then add honey, chopped dates and matcha powder. When it gets a thick consistency, knead small balls and roll them all in the coconut flakes or matcha powder.
It keeps in the fridge for several days, but only if nobody knows about it :)

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