Loyalty Point System

Collect loyalty points with every order! We start a program for our regular customers.

If you have registered in our Organiqa Germany web shop ( you can register here ) you will automatically be credited with loyalty points after your purchases, which will be collected in a virtual account. You can redeem these loyalty points at any time later, i.e. pay with them.

Value of Loyalty Points:

  • When ordering in the webshop you get 2 loyalty points for every 1 euro.
  • 100 loyalty points are worth 2 euros, so you can deduct them from the total at the end of your order.*

    *Loyalty points are not added after the shipping fees*.

Crediting and redeeming loyalty points

We can then credit your loyalty points to your virtual account once you have paid for your orders. After that, you can redeem them at any time with your next purchases.

Accumulation and use of loyalty points

As for the amount of loyalty points, there are no restrictions, you can collect as much as you want and you can redeem them anytime after they are credited. In any case, the part paid with loyalty points will appear as a discount on the invoice.

Rules of use of loyalty point system:
- You must register in the 'Loyalty Program' banner on the right bottom corner of the website in order to collect loyalty points.
- Loyalty points are collected exclusively online, after registration and can also be redeemed online.
- Loyalty points are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
- You can collect loyalty points for 365 days. However, if you do not redeem them within this period, they will automatically expire after the period has expired
- Loyalty points cannot be redeemed for cash


It is very important that you can only collect the loyalty points if you are registered! If you make a purchase without registering, the points cannot be credited and thus the possibility of crediting is lost. With the loyalty points we would like to thank you for your trust in choosing our products regularly and faithfully!

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