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Organic Guarana Powder 60g

Organic Guarana Powder 60g

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Guarana is primarily grown in Brazil. The Native Indians had known  the plant already 3000 years ago and used it against tiredness, diarrhea and even hangovers. It contains a significant amount of guaranine (its effect is similar to caffeine). Its impact is similar to coffee, except guaranine is absorbed more slowly, ensuring freshness for 6-8 hours . It is popular with athletes for its fat-burning performance-enhancing effects . It is also often used in energy drinks.

It also has a beneficial effect on our mental performance and is a general stimulant.

It can also be used as a herbal pain reliever for menstrual cramps , premenstrual disorders (PMR disorders), migraines. Since it has a slight hydrostatic effect, you should make sure to drink enough liquid.

What are the  beneficial effects of Guarana?

  • reduces appetite
  • improves mood
  • relieves pain
  • improves memory
  • makes you livelier
  • fat burning
  • performance-enhancing
  • Naturally energizing, wakes you up, stimulates, has a pain-relieving effect

Consumption recommendation: since the taste is somewhat bitter, the powder should be mixed with other drinks. Recommended daily dose: half a teaspoon. Pregnant women should not take this remedy.

Ingredients: 100% organic guarana powder

Average nutritional value in 100 g:
Energy content: 1235 kJ/295 kcal
Fat content: 3.6 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 43 g
of which sugar: 3 g
Protein: 13 g
Salt: <0.1g

Net content: 60 g

Non-EU Agriculture
Product from controlled organic farming

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